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PS8500 Series Fuel Injection Pump

This product is designed with full closed structure pump housing(no bottom plate, double fuel passage and pull rod auxiliary support, etc.), and preassembled suspended fuel pumping system, integral flanged barrel, constant pressure delivery valve assy., drum roller, concave cam and forced lubrication system. It has the advantages of high strength, better rigidity, reliable operation, stable performance and wide adaptability, and is recognized advanced structure in the world and owned 90s international advanced level. PS8500 series fuel injection pump represents the highest stage of inline pump development.

Product introduction

1.Product Introduction

The power coverage is 132~309kW, and maximum allowable speed is 1200r/min.

Low fuel consumption: SFC @ rated work condition is 220 g/kW·h, and SFC @ maximum torque work condition is 195 g/kW·h.

Good emission: it can easily meet EuroⅡemission regulation and nearly meet Euro Ⅲemission regulation.

High reliability: key components are enhanced and have good working reliability in use.

2.Product Picture


3.Product Parameters