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M11 Series PT Injector

For Cummins M11 series diesel engine.

Product introduction

1.Product Introduction

PT injector converts the low-pressure fuel supplied by PT fuel pump into a high-pressure (about 70-138 MPa) fuel injected into the combustion chamber. The series of injectors are of the PTD-STC type, and STC (Step-by-step timing control) system is added to the basic cylindrical injector.

This type of fuel injector adopts “injection advance timing method” (fuel to be injected in the compression cycle as earlier as possible) under starting and light load conditions, which improves the idle speed characteristics in cold weather, reduces smoke emitted by engine in cold weather, and improves the fuel economy under light load conditions. It adopts "normal timing method" (fuel to be injected normally in the compression cycle) under the medium and heavy load conditions, which controls the maximum burst pressure of the cylinder and reduces the emission of NOx (nitrogen oxides).

2.Product Picture


3.Product Parameters

Structure mode: M11-PTD STC type

Injection quantity: 140-200 mm3/stroke