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Injector (Q Series)

CYCR-4 Super Heavy Duty Injector (Q Series).

Product introduction

1.Product Introduction

1. It adopts high pressure common rail system, with high injection pressure, high precision injection control that the injection quantity and injection time can be precisely controlled.

2. The high-speed solenoid has high response frequency and flexible control, which makes the injection pressure of fuel injection system adjustable, can easily realize the functions of pre-injection and post-injection and provide an effective means of optimizing the fuel injection rules, improving its performance and reducing exhaust emissions.

3. The injector adopts a non-static backleakge structure to reduce the fuel supply capacity of high-pressure feed pump and improve reliability of the whole fuel system.

4. The P026-000A injector has a built-in solenoid structure.

5. The power coverage is 1800 kW-3000 kW.

2.Product Picture


3.Product Parameters

Maximum allowable rail pressure1600 bar

Drive voltage: 48 V

Hold voltage: 24 V

Peak current: 25 A

Hold current: 12 A

Needle diameter: φ6 mm

Nozzle spray hole diameter× number of holes: φ0.36 mm×9

Nozzle flow: 6000 ml/min

Spray cone angle: 152°

Injector leakage: ≤100 mm3/st

Injection opening delay: ≤ 0.48 ms