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CB3E919C High Pressure Feed Pump

MCR-3 Heavy Duty High Pressure Feed Pump.

Product introduction

1.Product Introduction

CB3E919C high-pressure feed pump is a three-piston radial uniformly distributed high-pressure fuel pump. It is fuel-lubricated in order to completely eliminate fuel and oil mixing and cause malfunction and reduce emissions. The low pressure fuel passage is mainly arranged on the front of aluminum alloy pump cover and is flange mounted on the engine. The fuel pumping system is designed independently, and the three-cylinder fuel pumping system is evenly distributed on the pump body by connecting screws. The high-pressure fuel generated by the three cylinders is connected to each other through the high-pressure fuel pipe outside the pump body, and is integrated into one supply to common rail. . The eccentric cam drives the tappet and then transmits it to the plunger. The structure of plunger drive has the advantages of small driving torque, compact structure, stable performance, good speed adaptability, maximum allowable speed up to 4000r/min, and good reliability. 

2.Product Picture